Breakout Session: Teams & Personnel

This breakout will focus on the partners and roles needed to make a hackathon successful

Facilitators or a volunteer from the group will report out (4:00PM - Challenges/Lessons Learned, and 4:45PM - Curating and Building Solutions)

Emily Law, JPL (Pres of ESIP); Jane, NotreDame; Matt Abrams, INCF; Mohamed Rahman, U of Washington; Soren Scott, ESIP; Kerry, Big Data UTAH; Dan, NIH; Rene Baston, NE Big Data Innovation Hub

Challenges and Lessons Learned:

  • Steering Committee
  • Pre-seed Team
  • Problems drive team composition
  • Set up room by skillset…Teams can pick from skills needed
  • Breakup the groups that come together (ex:  Google group joins others)
  • Break out of comfort zone
  • Organizers (in physical space) reach out to those less engaged
  • On virtual…work with local folks
  • Flesh out communication plan
  • Upfront to get engagement
  • After that fact to show successful output
  • Make sure no media surprises
  • Ex:  Big Data Utah…bad press based on sound bite taken out of context…Air Quality
  • Understand what the Buzz will be based on topic of event
  • Understand multiple audiences…professionals, laypeople, etc
  • Well defined agenda and facilitator can be key
  • But should also be prepared to depart from agenda for spontaneously generated interest groups
  • Emily
  • Frequently teams don’t focus on roles
  • RB:
  • Focus on purpose of Hackathon
  • Need being served
  • End users
  • Matthew
  • Getting buy in from end users
  • Jane:  start with end users
  • Matt:  But still tough to get neuroscientists to participate and give their time
  • Even valuable to get feedback if they don’t actually join event

  • Serving multiple audiences
  • Different communities may not speak same language
  • Need pre-work/interpretation
  • Bringing in External Experts
  • Short periods
  • Lunch and learn
  • Structuring Pre-work
  • Ongoing working groups

  • Share best practices rather than reinvent the wheel
  • Make hackathon part of larger meeting…Org of Human Brain Mapping