Breakout Session: Other Topics

This breakout will focus on Remote Participation

Facilitators or a volunteer from the group will report out (4:00PM - Challenges/Lessons Learned, and 4:45PM - Curating and Building Solutions)

Best practices:

  • Integrate the remote participants with the ‘back channel’ for everyone who is at the event. Integrating the backchannel communications and remote participation brings a sense of liveliness to the space. Remote people miss a lot of the humor, casual interaction, and synchrony of the in-room experience so exposing them to as much communication as possible, even if it’s kvetching about the room’s temperature, makes their experience more human.
  • Have a clear on-boarding procedure and team assignment or project role for remote participant. Having them “just listen” or “fill in” is a recipe for fade-out. Finding a task they are the only person responsible for will give them not only a place to fit in, but a way to belong.
  • In competitive hackathons, explicitly state that remote participation is acceptable, that it isn’t considered cheating. This makes it possible to give the remote participant(s) credit and a piece of the winnings if their team wins. 

Lessons learned:

  • People seem to have gotten the message that hackathons are best in-person. 
  • Remote participants should be integrated with other groups or on projects with onsite participants. Remote-to-remote connections seem the most tenuous. 


TESTIMONIALS/COMMENTS (Including “how might we build / scale this?”)

Tips/ how-to guide or other solutions and approaches to the challenges mentioned:

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