Brainstorm: One-pager for speculators
Make Particl investing great again

It might be useful to have a one-pager document/graphics sheet for sharing on social-media which takes the perceptions of speculators into account. This document is designed for usage towards speculators, but not necessarily vendors or users of the marketplace.

Once it is finalized and has consensus I would produce such a graphics/sheet. 


This shall be a community effort. I (dros) have setup this document. But I will not work on it. I want you as a community make this thing content wise happen. Then I will produce the graphics. You can assume it will look professional.

Update on how to use this document: 

General idea is to raise questions we want to answer with the one-page GFX. Once a question is raised, the answer to it is a topic. The header of the topic shall explain what its all about. If you take a look at the examples you will notice that we do not have much room to answer questions in general. Hence the result is a single sentence, a metric, a number or a comparison of those. 

Topic Heading
Each metric, data or sentence results in a new topic. So just copy & paste and go on filling.


  • Which metrics want speculators see? 
  • What makes them keen? 
  • How to sell the actual MC as benefit for future price development?
  • What advantages do seller have with particl instead of with amazon/ebay?
  • What advantages do buyer have with particl instead of with amazon/ebay?

Topics for the one-pager

As Particl offers staking rewards of currently 5-6%, I feel like this is a noteworthy consideration for speculators. 

Utility of PART coin
ACTIVE USE CASE: Right now, buyers and sellers are actually using the live marketplace to buy and sell goods all over the world. Global commerce is being conducted in a decentralized and private manner, for the first time in world history. Part’s native token is being used in each transaction for full privacy and so that the smart-contract escrow can seamlessly function. 

Topic 3



This is just an example how it could look like and how shortened the content shall be. Naturally we will have complete other metrics here for PART investment decisions. Especially in the light of the actual Marketcap.

Random Hacker sheet

This sheet shows how it integrates a lot of content and makes it understandable. A good thing.