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Pre-Launch #1

Email #1, Day 1 of Pre-Launch

Subject: New Viral App Launching Soon

Hello there {name},

I wanted to discuss a new viral traffic app that is scheduled to launch soon. If you are managing a business over Facebook, it could seriously change the way you drive traffic to your offers. 

{Your Bonus page/affiliate link}

Unlike other Messenger marketing products, it does not require complex setup or integrations. 

Plug-and-play system to ethically engage your audience and build your Messenger list on autopilot. 

Like, I said, it is launching soon, but there is an exciting pre-paunch offer that you should definitely check out. 

{Your Bonus page/affiliate link}

Talk soon, 
{Your Signature}

Pre-Launch #2

Subject: Building Messenger Subscribers on Autopilot
Email #2, Day 3 of Pre-Launch

Hello there {name},

Getting people to your Messenger costs anywhere from $0.7 - $2 depending on your niche and ad skills.

You build the list, and then you want to send them your offer. 

Building your business over Messenger can be time consuming and expensive. 

Unless you were to hack it with a viral and ethical traffic generation tactic. 

{Your Bonus page/affiliate link}

For a limited time only, you can sign up and get an exclusive discount and other prizes. Check out the demo and let me know what you think