Bookstackk Press Kit

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What is Bookstackk?

Bookstackk is a network for readers to create and follow personal book collections.

Here’s how one looks: 

Why Bookstackk? 

Books can change your life. They unlock incredible insights, take you on endless journeys, and move us into a everlasting focus.

Unfortunately, discovering books that are relevant to your life is harder than it needs to be. Use an algorithm, and you get stuck in a bubble. Ask a friends and they’ll give you one or two titles alone. But what if you could easily browse anyone’s book collection? Whether it be your close friend or someone you admire.

With Bookstackk, you can follow your friends’ book collections and start your very own library. It’s also a great way to participate in book discussions and find trending books worthy of bookmarking.

How is Bookstackk different?

  • Bookstackk is bringing transparency to literature by building an open community, not one that’s gated behind a registration wall.
  • Members’ book collections are at the forefront of everything. 
  • Book discussions are meant for diving deeper into the books, not for leaving reviews. 
  • Bookstackk is a simplistic and elegant way to share and follow what’s being read, removing all other bloat.


  • Never miss what your friends and fans are reading
  • Showcase the books you’re reading with your own simplistic profile
  • Discover and bookmark books you’d like to read later
  • Build your following and get notified when others follow your reading activity
  • Join the community in learning new insights into your favorite books

What’s the story behind the idea?

Bookstackk was founded by Zach Tyler with the belief that books become more valuable when a community of readers can rally behind it. 

The idea came about when I was at a conference listening to one of my most admired businessman talk about some of the most impactful books he’s read. I was curious to know what other books he recommends and to follow some of the new books he’s reading. The truth is, there’s so much value in bringing transparency to books and its readership, and yet it’s oftentimes is left a shrewd mystery. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all see what our friends and fans were reading? Sure enough, that thought led to building a simplistic platform allowing readers to share and follow reading collections, discover new books, and share insight into the books you love. Our team is building simple solutions for making reading more enjoyable, one book collection at a time.

Bookstackk is headquartered out of Boston, MA. 

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