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I do read. I do read a lot. And what’s more? Not everything is research related. 

Doesn't matter, whether you click here accidentaly or by purpose. I hope you will find some inspiration in my reading list. Enjoy! (or back to


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Hiroshima – John Hersey
  • minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and lives after the atomic bomb was dropped; cover to cover

Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism – Anne Applebaum
  • politics columminist over the decline of democrazy through Applebaums personal experience; very much like it 

Sapiens – Y.H. Harari 
  • very much everything 🌍

Post… – M.Martinová, M. Metelec, L. Rychetský
  • collection of essays on “contemporary” world throug the lens of post 

Piano live – Cheim Cigan
  • do I really have to read complicated books? This one is a 2nd part of the whole tetralogy where the main characters are starting to travel in a time; not really sure whether I will be able, once it is all done, be able to compe up with some sort of wrap up 


January > December
Factfulness - Hans and Ola Rossling, Anna Rosling Ronnuld
  • stress-reducing > how to actually see the bright sidewithout going all spiritually crazy Paulo Coelho alike! Like it,

Možnosti milostného románu - Jan Němec
  • After reading Dějiny světla, I was really looking forward to his another book. As the name suggests, it is a contemplate of how a book about love could look like following the narrative of postmodernity. I didn't find the main story as attractive, as the way, how the book is written. Yet, to people who does not know Jan Němec, I would instead suggest them to start with Dějiny světla. 7/10

Rudý Zeman - Jaroslav Kmenta
  • Everything you would like to know about Zeman and what undeprinns his political path, but were lazy do google. 

The Girl Who Lived Twice - David Lagercrantz
  • good old and ironic journalist and lesbian hacker tracing together another coruption story; those two are already icons, one would say; I might give detective stories another shoot this year (and hopefully with another Millenium series)

Henry: A Polish Swimmer's True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to America - Katrina Shawver 
  • biography of Auschwitz survival who was born in Cracow, even though the topic is not “easy”, the book is

Eichmann in Jerusalem - Hanna Arendth
  • honestly I've been afraid this book is going to be heavy and philosophical. And you know, it probably is, but because it's written in such a investigative-journalism style, it is not “that” hard; 

Altschulova Metoda - Chain Cigan
  • crazy, complicated, but very entertaining story! it’ s just first book from the whole teralogy which makes wrap-up at this place quite hard; anyway here we are following journey of two jews from west-germany back behind the iron curtain in Czechia and then there is 1989; anyway this is just one plot out of many others

Chyba - Marek Šindelka
  • second version, the first was published in 2008 and I've been reading it two years ago. Version from 2019 is the same story, but extended with new angles how to view up on; in one interview Šindelka said, that writer should be writing only one book for the rest of his life. Chyba is the book! 

Digital Minimalism - Cal Newport