Decentralizing the World Tour - make your city a stop! | Evangelist Invite

Blockstack is hosting a global speaker series featuring thought leaders and luminaries discussing and presenting on key topics related to decentralization, the new internet, dapps, censorship, token economies, and more. The tour will feature some of the biggest names, projects, and people discussing the most important ideas, problems, and opportunities in our rapidly changing world. We’ll be making stops in cities around the world and as an Evangelist, we want to invite you to make your city part of the tour. 

What does it mean to be on tour? 
First of all, it means we’ll be supporting you in efforts to pull in speakers and guests you’d like to have at your Meetup and providing a framework for you to use in putting on your event. Next, it means a member of Blockstack PBC will be attending to support your event and community. We’re putting a lot of energy behind this effort and will also be able to provide marketing and branding support. As usual, we’ll also cover costs!

More information coming soon:
  • Dates (Look to plan your Meetup from late August to early November)
  • Speakers
  • Cities

Want to join the tour?
Great, we’d love to have you! To get started, head over to this page and let us know you’re interested. From there, you’ll be directed to schedule time with us to start the planning process. In the meantime, we have several Meetup related resources for you to look over that will help you orient yourself to planning your event. You can also start brainstorming people and topics for your panels and speaking spots, pick something you think your community needs to talk about most and has unique expertise in. 

Example Topics:
  • Impact of decentralization in niche communities
  • Potential impact of decentralization in our daily lives
  • Why decentralization? 
  • Importance of Layer 2
  • Why do we need decentralized storage and networks? 
  • How do decentralized technologies address our needs in x, y, z?



  • Identify the cities 
  • i.e. Santi Siri, Elizabeth Stark
  • List out the target attendees
  • Existing community members
  • Post on Slack when we’re ready to announce meetup tour
  • Send out an e-mail 
  • Developers outside of community
  • i.e. 
  • Explore a few partnerships that would really put butts in seats, maybe we team with Lightning for most of the tour and some others in other places - Patrick

‘For sure cities’
  • Portland - Dan Trevino
  • Seattle - Mitchell Cuevas, Hank, Virginia
  • Ho Chi Minh - Nguyen Loc
  • New York - Patrick
  • Hong Kong - Larry
‘Super likely cities’
  • Amsterdam - Louise Ivan
  • San Francisco - Mat Davis
  • Brussels - Friedger
  • Monterrey - Ben Orozco