Blockstack Community Event Sponsorship
Blockstack Expects:
  • Opportunity to give a 5-10 min non-sales style presentation at the beginning of the event
  • Cover what is Blockstack and how it can help them with their projects
  • Prizes available to Blockstack teams and available bounties
  • Resources available to them during the event
  • Logo on marketing/website materials
  • Be featured in an email to attendees with Blockstack materials and information
  • Post event:
  • Shared pictures (for social media use, not sales use cases)
  • Information from teams that worked on Blockstack
  • Report back on the event by filling out a post event form

Blockstack provides:
  • Monetary sponsorship
  • Prizes (ongoing mentorship, product, and support for Blockstack teams)
  • This also includes invitation to our investment fund application process
  • Mentors/Coaches (technical) - during the the event 
  • Social media support - we’ll use Blockstack channels to help sell tickets and create buzz before the event
  • Commitment to continued sponsorship of successful events you want to host in the future!