Block Responsive Controls

Research Planning

What questions are you hoping this research can answer?

  • Does our labeling clearly communicate the function of these controls?
  • Are we presenting responsive settings in a way that makes sense to people?
  • Do people expect the ability to edit responsive settings? Would they use these controls?

What assumptions, hypotheses, or bets do you have that you want to validate or challenge?

  • The labels and iconography clearly communicate the function of these controls. 
  • Most people will want to keep this on the default, but once they learn these settings exist, they’ll look for them in the future.

What decisions will you make based on research results?

  • Refine labeling
  • Reconsider control types (Toggle vs. Radio buttons, etc)
  • Rethink priority of this effort (do people find it useful?)

Who ideally would you like us to speak to?

A wide range of novice to moderately advanced users. More heavily weighted towards novice.

What’s your ideal timing for this research project?

Timing is flexible.


Draft Flow + Questions

You're building a website using your laptop, and have arranged photos into four columns as shown on the screen here. 

Please click to select those columns. 

The website-building software presents you with some sidebar options.
Without clicking it, tell me what you think the blue toggle does.

Ok, now try clicking the blue toggle. 

You’re presented with some new options below the toggle.