Blender Integration v0.6.1 Documentation
Published: December 15th, 2020


Similar to Blender 2.83 LTS, the new integration lays the groundwork for the long term future. It offers a simplified interface, better user experience, and steadier performance.

The Connecter Blender is compatible with all 2.8x and 2.9x versions. It’s tested primarily on 2.91.
The add-on allows fast append and lining workflow for objects, materials with simple placing or applying options. You can save objects, collections, and materials from Blender to Connecter with the generation of custom preview using Cycles and EEVEE renderers. 
Check out the video overview:


You can install the add-on from Connecter -> Integrations -> Blender Integration installer. Available options:

  • Get plugin
  • Generates a .zip archive which can then be installed using Blender’s standard workflow - from Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons -> Install…
  • You can speed up the installation by using the “Copy path to clipboard” option and place it in the Blender installer.

  • Install from package 
  • Option for installing versions different from the official one - older or new beta releases. You need to point the package with the new version. After that the process is the same as “Get plugin”.
  • Exit
  • Closes the dialog window.

NOTE: After the installation, we recommend restarting Blender.


After a successful installation, in Blender go to Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons. Search for “Connecter”. If the add-on “Asset Management: Connecter” isn’t enabled, click the tick box in front of it to start using it.

NOTE: If you can’t find this add-on, there’s a problem with the installation. Please contact our support team.

Drag & drop import of assets

When the Connecter add-on is enabled, dropping a .blend asset into Blender’s viewport from Connected brings two additional options - “Link & Place” and “Append & Place”. Each of them gives you the following feats:

  • Objects
  • Аdd the objects along with the materials from the asset. Let’s you place them,
  • Materials
  • Choose one material from the asset and apply it to an object in the scene.
  • Collections
  • If there are multiple collections, you can choose one of them and place it.