How to Run Your Own Social Discussion Question
"Most open source social network software right now is designed to get your messages out to as many people as possible. We need support for private communities" Trends tend to start when unique things enter the waves of accumulating interest. How could the creation and maintenance of these private communities feed into or change the meaning of trends in social networks? (Based on how some people obsess over niche things simply because they are niche/unique→ ends up becoming a snowballing trend)

How do we prevent privacy loss by joining community building? And how could we maintain the rules that can be modified by any users on the Internet?

“On a small site serving a small community, if the content comes from inside your community, then you can navigate it the way you navigate problems in small communities in the real world. You bring up with the rest of your community that someone is behaving in a way that is counter to the values of the community. It's unpleasant, but at least you have some control over that process, and it's something tangible that you can navigate.“ If different viewpoints cannot be collided and communicated in this community, will this platform attract many users?

Is there the possibility that a small social network becomes larger? How would a small social network change? 

How to support for private communities? How will this change people’s vision on social media community?