03. SortableList

The Redactor BlackBox is used to display a portal of records that can be drag-and-dropped to sort. It utilises the jQuery UI library.

The following interactions are included:
  • Display a main title label
  • Display a secondary description label
  • Display an image
  • Drag and drop to sort records


The parameters are as follows:

SortableSimple ( DataField1Name ; DataField2Name ; SortFieldName ; IDFieldName ; ImageFieldName )
A field with some text content that will appear as the main title for a row
Eg, "bb_data_planets::name"
A field with some text content that will appear as a secondary description for a row (optional)
Eg, "bb_data_planets::description"
A field that determines the relative sort order of each row
Eg, "bb_data_schedules::sort"
A field with a unique identifier for each row
Eg, "bb_data_schedules::id"
A field that contains an image to display for each row (optional)
Eg, "bb_data_schedules::bar_color"



It’s important to note that when sorting the rows, you are setting the relative sort for the records belonging to the dataset. When you change the sort order for a particular row for one subset of the data, it may have a different sort order for different subset of the data.

You can set multiple properties by separating them with a semicolon. For example:


The row records included in the portal will be constrained by the relationship to the table occurrence of your parameter fields. Multi-line keys can be used, but only on the left-hand side of the relationship. In other words, you can use multi-line keys only if they’re on the table that your current context is based on.