📓 Biothinking Documentation

31st of May, Tuesday — Fast forward

  • Getting to know the team
  • Interviewed Axel, Mana and Charlotte
  • Created Personas: Dörthe & Anna
  • Created POV
  • Came up with first ideas: normal brainstorming + build on someones else idea
  • Decided for Marcus’ idea: employees have to prepare a teaser video of approx. 20 seconds if they want to have a meeting. This forces people to really think through the goals/process of the meeting. Others can watch these teasers and better understand if it makes sense to join the meeting → more relevance.
  • Presented our concepts with the yellow track
  • Got an input session about „How to prepare for the Project Partner Meeting“
  • Collected our questions for the Project Partner in our team
  • Shared our questions and approach with the other team
  • Debrief

Warm Ups / Methods / Input

  • Jump/Name/Dance/Clap etc. mixed up
  • Schere/Stein/Papier

3rd of June, Friday — Meeting with the Project Partner

  • Met a bit earlier to prepare last details before the meeting
  • Georg (head of everything), Sabine (events), Paul (meetings/cardboardset), Andrea (Dschool)
  • There are 2 challenges: organizing events & improving knowledge sharing culture
  • The BSRT team explained the Cardboardset → just 1 prototype, has not been used yet
  • The project partners talked a lot: 1 question resulted in ~10 minutes answer
  • They prefer small actionable solutions

  • We sat down with our partner team for 30 minutes and shared impressions from the meeting:
  • They couldn’t properly explain biothinking
  • The meeting challenge seems to be more about culture in generell
  • Most of us lean towards the meeting/culture experience but will wait till next week before deciding for a challenge
  • We (partner teams) to work on the same challenge
  • Afterwards we got back into our teams of 5 to discuss next steps
  • Marcus was not at Dschool today and Natalia had to leave a bit earlier + we all were a bit tired and sleepy and took many breaks
  • We decided for our new team name: KäsekrusteKäsebrot
  • We talked to our partner team about the interviews with BSRT and next steps

Warm Ups / Methods / Input

  • Warm Up