Bereavement Expenses

What we insure

We compensate for Bereavement expenses

  • When you die by natural causes or from an accident, we will compensate you, your estate
      or your beneficiary for the Bereavement expenses as shown in the schedule. 
  Repatriation costs 
  • Repatriation means to bring your body back to South Africa if you die while you are outside 
     South Africa. We will compensate you, your beneficiary or your estate with the reasonable
      costs up to the limit shown in the schedule to return your body to South Africa. 

What we do not insure

Death from suicide

  • We do not compensate for suicide that takes place within 2 (two) years of the date that the
      person was first added to this section. 

Death from pre-existing medical condition 

  • We do not compensate for death from a pre-existing medical condition if the death is within 6 (six) months of the date the person was first added to this section.