Balloon Drops 
Updated: Jan 10, 2022
Prices Include Set Up Fees (client to provide a lift if required due to ceiling height)
Sales Tax and Strike Fees are not included | Standard Strike Starts at $125
Attendant to pull cord releasing drop $75 - $125
If we are cleaning up balloons and the drop is large or there are multiple drops the strike fee will be more. Strike 11 pm or later will be more ( our strike fee is most likely less than hotel prices to clean up) 

Classic Balloon Drop pricing

15’  net (approximately 300 balloons): $749

20’  net (approximately 300 balloons): $900

25’ net  (approximately 500 x 11” balloons): $1199

(approximately 750 x 9” balloons): $1725

30’ net (approximately 750 x 11” latex balloons ) $1350

50’ net (approximately 1000 balloons): $2249

(approximately 1500 balloons): $2999

If your venue has a unique ceiling or situation we can possibly customize net sizes to fit your space. Call for pricing. A site visit may be required.  

Extreme Balloon Drop Pricing
Different sizes of latex balloons 9” up to 36” and long tubular shaped balloons! 
25’ Net: $1349

50’ Net: $2499

This link will take you to a video of 2 balloon drops of 300 balloons each. 

This video shows a great amount of our work and shows a 50ft extreme balloon drop.   

Insane Drop - The Extreme drop with the addition of metallic spheres and Foil Stars. etc.. Themed foils are available too. 
25’ Net: $1545

50’ Net: $2695