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#HackStacks - Earn rewards by building tools and products that leverage Proof of Transfer (PoX).

Timeline: August 24th


From trustless token exchanges to Bitcoin price oracles, you’ve seen what you can achieve with Clarity. Now, it’s time to apply your Clarity smart contract expertise to the final key piece of the Stacks 2.0 blockchain: Proof of Transfer or PoX. #HackStacks is a virtual hackathon focused on leveraging the power of PoX, a novel, Bitcoin-secured mining mechanism enabling endless potential for new business models. 

With the launch of the Stacks 2.0 blockchain and this new mechanism come unique functionality, namely mining and stacking. Mining on Stacks 2.0 allows miners to mint new Stacks (STX) tokens by simply committing Bitcoin (BTC) to the network, while stacking enables “Stackers” to earn that BTC by locking up their STX tokens on the network. 

In essence, mining and stacking offer all stakeholders the opportunity to share in value creation on the Stacks 2.0 network. #HackStacks supports and rewards developers for building tools and products that make mining and stacking more accessible to the Stacks community. 

You can submit projects in two categories:
  • Mining: Tools and products that make it easier to onboard Stacks 2.0 miners.
  • Stacking: Tools and products that make it easier for anyone to participate in stacking. 

Beyond these two categories, the sky’s the limit for project submissions! Creativity and thinking outside the box are highly encouraged. Building with community and business potential in mind is a must. In other words, winning submissions will be judged based on how well they serve the consumer base that is the Stacks community.


Potential Judges
  • Community Utility & Business Potential: Muneeb Ali, Patrick Stanley, Joel Monegro, or Balaji Srinivasan
  • Product Viability & User Experience: Jeff Domke
  • Technical Functionality: Aaron Blankstein

Submissions will be judged based on the strength of their community utility, user experience, and technical functionality. 


1st Place: The grand prize winner in the mining category will have submitted a tool or product that has abstracted away much of the complexity of miner onboarding, such as setting up a miner node and engaging with code in general. The user experience and design should be sleek and accessible, not only making it easy for current miners to get started, but encouraging to miners interested in joining Stacks 2.0 as well.

2nd Place: The second place winner’s submission is very much on its way to becoming part of the Stacks 2.0 miner’s toolkit. It will have technical functionality that is comparable to that of the grand prize winner’s submission, with a user experience that could use slight improvements. That is, the user experience is accommodating of current miners, and with a couple of tweaks, could be absolutely ready for new/interested miners.

3rd Place: The third place winner will have a promising work in progress that is intriguing to current or experienced miners. The technical functionality and user experience could use some work but the overall product/tool should exceed the level of an MVP.


1st Place: The grand prize winner in the stacking category will be responsible for the product that could get everyone, from your 90-year old grandma to your typical crypto enthusiast to start stacking. That means that the technical functionality of this submission is so seamless, and its user experience is so sleek that users might question whether crypto is even involved. 

2nd Place: Like the grand prize submission, the second place winner’s submission will be able to better facilitate stacking for most community members. Although the user experience of this submission may require slightly more work, the technical functionality should be seamless. That is, a Blockstack community should be able to utilize this product or tool with little to no assistance.
3rd Place: The third place winner’s submission is unique, interesting, and has the potential to become a staple product or tool for all stackers. Like the mining category, this submission must exceed the level of an MVP but may need a few tweaks before officially listing in an app store.