• Billboards typically get 6" of wrap with a 3" pocket folded on the backside. This will make your finished size 1' larger.
  • For example: Your viewing area of your billboard is a 14'x48''. Your finished size will be 15'x49'
  • We never put grommets on pockets for a billboard installation.

Ratchet Assemblies-BUY BULK tell them Billboards Etc sent you!

Gripper Rods
You will use gripper rods to slide through the billboard pocket. Your ratchet will hook onto the gripper rod through the pockets. Many clients think there is a grommet that the ratchet hooks through but all installers slice a small hole through the vinyl. This will allow your ratchet to hook the gripper rod and tighten the vinyl.

Billboard installation for full wrap / 6in bleed with 3in pocket

You can cut your pockets to install rods. Do not cut long ways across the pocket. Cut vertically on top and bottom and horizontally on left and right.  Do not cut into the wrap or across the heat weld.

Helpful Videos

Billboard Installation Method when face is flush against poles
It will be necessary to cut your pipe to fit in between the poles and pull the vinyl up behind the face. Cut the pocket vertically and tuck unused portion behind the face. Do not cut into the live area of your ad. We recommend a full bleed of artwork on your wrap for installations like this.

Alternative Billboard Installation Methods:

6” of wrap with a hem OR Hem with no wrap
They use screws and fender washers and directly screw it into the board. This is typical with wooden structures. We typically do not advise this method as the it is hard to get a tight install and there could be wrinkles after install. Especially due to weather changes in temperature. If you are unsure then send a picture of the front and back of structure so we can advise them best.

6” of wrap with hem and grommets: 
We do not prefer this because there is so much tension on the grommets that they could rip out. Screws and fender washers would be best if they choose this alternative method of install.