Azure Blob Store storage setup


Azure Blob Store can be used as a storage for Web Catalogs and Version Control.


The steps for giving access to Connecter for a container are:

  1. Add Connecter to the Azure AD tenant as an Enterprise application from the Azure AD App Gallery.
  1. Create a container
  1. For Web Catalogs, set the Access level of the container to Public
  1. Open the Access Control (IAM) settings for the container.

  1. Assign the Storage Blob Data Contributor Role to Connecter for this bucket. You can do this by clicking on the Add role assignment button.

  1. Set up a storage provider for Azure Blob Storage in with the storage account and bucket name.
  1. A dialog to confirm that you give access to Connecter will show so make sure that you logged in with an account that has admin permissions. Click Accept.