Autodesk & coal mining: correspondences
I am a French citizen and I live in Belgium, near the largest coal mine of Europe.
It’s the largest source of CO2 in Europe (270.000 Tons/day) and it’s operated by Autodesk softwares.

Design, fabrication of the machines, daily maintenance, training of the operators, the coal mine could not run without the help and expertise of Autodesk.

Over the past 10 months, I had some conversations with executives at Autodesk about their impact on climate change, yet they seem in denial and continue to support coal mining, violating their own sustainability policies and Autodesk’s Code of Conduct.

Without any progress or feedback since July 2nd 2019, I decided to make these correspondences public, to raise awareness about Autodesk’s inaction on their CO2 impact.

MARCH 30th 2019: 

Exchanges on twitter with CEO @andrew_anagnost

  • While doing some research on the largest coal mine of Europe, I came across the Autodesk/RWE case study. 
  • I started exchanges with Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost about his responsibility in the largest source of CO2 emissions of Europe: 270.000 Tons / day.
  • Following our conversation, Andrew Anagnost removed the RWE case study from Autodesk’s website and stopped all communication.

MAY 4th 2019


Hi Paige,

My name is Joanie, I'm a french artist and a fan of all autodesk products, amazing work !
I recently got interested in climate action following the youth movement and Greta Thunberg speeches, and I discovered the coal industry in Europe.. I went on a trip to the largest coal mine just 2 hours from my home (I never heard of it before). I documented my trip in this twitter thread: 

I came across Autodesk's name several times during my research, and realized there's a long ongoing partnership between Autodesk and RWE, who's responsible for 100 000 000 Tons of CO2 emissions every year, and I reached out to Andrew Anagnost. We started a conversation, and then he stopped all of a sudden.

I then emailed personally a lot of the executives over the past month, but never got a single answer.

I was given your contact by “employee name” , who said you might be able to help.

I wonder if you have any idea why no one is getting back to me ? I am concerned about the climate change challenges we're facing, and I which the conversation with Autodesk could continue and be constructive, for a positive impact on our environment.

Let me know what you think.

Joanie Lemercier