Async Await Triage 2019.02.20

Issue list

  • Current:


  • Must fix before stabilize
  • ICE around debruijn indices:
  • inappropriate yield — ought to be an error regardless
  • would change semantics of existing code if we should alter it
  • needs decision
  • also consider _ patterns
  • should disallow async fn
  • UX Higher Priority
  • reference to yield outside of generator
  • UX “Annoyances” — not must fix
  • seems bad but not burning problem
  • would be nice to suggest switching to 2018 but not a blocker 
  • Needs investigation
  • unclear if this is something we can fix “easily” enough through NLL?
  • symptom of a larger problem where lifetimes of intermediates becomes more visible
  • seems worth investigating but the general problem is not solveable
  • I suspect the problem is caused by a “first approximation” of what we may capture
  • probably not too hard to fix, but seems “just wrong”
  • needs someone to look at it
  • dyn Send: dyn Send
  • for<'r> ('r: 'static) ..?
  • ICE around debruijn indices
  • Unsure
  • blocked on generator arguments?
  • related to the requirement to use Captures<'tcx>  and deal with the hidden lifetimes in impl trait situation