Assignment - UX Writer 

Goal : Revise copy on the thank you page (shows after making a successful donation) to drive users to proactively share the campaign on Facebook and whatsapp. 
Can re emphasise on the impact of sharing campaigns to a wider audience, can be a promotional offer driving users to share. 

Target Audience: All donors on the website 

Step 1 : Users land on this page after making a payment. 
Hearty note - comment for donation made 
Anonymous- flag to not show donor’s details to others, since a lot of donors like being anonymous for their donations. 

 Step 2- shows up after clicking on skip on step 1. 
 Share on FB and WhatsApp share the campaigns on these platforms respectively. 
 You are also welcome to make a test payment on any campaigns on the platform to see the flow yourself. 

Please email your responses to with your resume attached.