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Welcome, valiant Knights AF!


County of London Archery -

Archery Fit Tourney -

March 2019

7th Indoor Portsmouth Fun Open
24th March (Sun)
129 St John’s Way, Archway, London, N19 3RQ
  • 30 mins from Waterloo
  • All disciplines, including Ironman (all three)

WRS Archery Fit Championship
30th March (Sat)
31st March (Sun)
Archery Fit

April 2019

Clophill Spring Fita 4 Weekend
6th April (Sat)
7th April (Sun)

Braziers Field, Kiln Lane, Clophill, Beds. (to the rear of Clophill Village Hall, Kiln Lane, MK45 4DA)
  • 1h40 from Waterloo
  • Double WA70 & WA50