App Requirements Checklist
Complete the checklist below to check that your app is ready to be published in the Ecwid App Market. 

If you have questions – add a comment here. When you are ready, send us an email at 


The app installation process guideline can be found here: 

  • Default app settings are set for new users automatically
  • New user settings and account is created automatically after installation (if applicable)
  • Settings for new user are designed to work right after the installationno action required from user (smart defaults)
  • Installation and set up process is clear and easy to follow
  • App does not request more permission that it actually needs. Contact Ecwid team to update the permissions
  • Developer provided URL for Open App button (for External apps)

User Interface

  • User interface elements like texts and buttons are clear and understandable. Settings have description on how to set up and placeholders
  • Only essential settings are displayed for a user (smart defaults – see installation guide)
  • App interface is adapted for mobile and smaller screen users
  • App interface works well with any major browser
  • App doesn’t affect the store when it’s disabled
  • App doesn’t mention Ecwid brand so it can be offered to white-labeled Ecwid partners

Storefront (if applicable)

Customizing storefront guideline:
  • App works in all major browsers (at least the last two versions) and IE versions starting IE 11
  • App works as expected without storefront widget on a page, but accessible in popup (search, categories, cart, single product widget is present). Ecwid widgets
  • App does not interfere with storefront loading speed (for example, uses CDN for JS/CSS files)
  • App does not influence storefront design/elements beyond what’s expected
  • App does not interfere with JS libraries of a website (Raven, jQuery, etc.). Working with jQuery
  • App JS/CSS file(s) are minified for optimized loading speed

Payment Integrations

Integrating a new payment method guideline:
  • Integration supports various types of orders: different discounts applied, handling fees, empty shipping address, etc. (if applicable)
  • Developer provided supported countries list – comment them here
  • Integration provides connection settings within Ecwid Control Panel – Native app
  • Developer provided test payment processor account credentials to Ecwid team to test the checkout process – comment them here


  • Application does not share or openly store merchant or customer information
  • Client-side code does not expose private application’s access token for the Ecwid REST API
  • Data transferred to/from your server is secured via HTTPS protocol both in Ecwid Control Panel and in storefront (if applicable)
  • Account password requires at least 6 characters (if new account creation is needed)
  • Application does not store order data if store customer denied access to their data (email promotional apps, etc.)
  • Application has a procedure to refresh its SSL certificate automatically


Simple and easy billing guideline: