AncestryDNA LIHP Redesign

Go rogue and fix things!

The most viewed page within the DNA experience, it currently lacks the ability to communicate next steps upon receiving an AncestryDNA Kit.

Problems to solve:
  • Improve the waiting period experience - the period of time between ordering activating, and submitting until DNA results are received
  • Optimize content to help customers realize the value of Family History and DNA products together
  • Cross-selling the Family History product to DNA members

  • Brainstorm with team to establish and analyze the user and business goals of the page.
  • Talk to customer support to understand customer pain points during the waiting period.
  • Work with researchers to test what customers are missing from the current home page in order to make informed design decisions.
  • Discuss with other teams on how to get api's to work within the home page while not creating performance issues.
  • Discuss with brand teams to stay within brand guidelines while extending the digital brand experience.
  • Test designs with potential/existing users.

The focus on the project was to improve the user experience of the page, improve on cross-sell and add-on features, and focus on improving the visual design and layout that would help the flow of content and data.

I broke the page up into sections that would be built upon over time. I also designed a clear separation between cross-sell and add-on feature CTAs and content. 

I defined the top section as the “Data” section where all data visualization and content related to the customer’s results would exist.

I set up a help guide that also served as a place holder for where the matches would live. The pattern would also indirectly set up a mental model for how to display this data.

Desktop web

Prototype screens of activation states:

Check out on Invision for fullscreen:

Mobile web

  • Using patterns mobile users are comfortable with
  • Relevant items at the top of the screen
  • Work with gestures/horizontal scrolls but test for usability & accessibility