AncestryDNA Enhanced Mobile Checkout

Make it easy and painless to buy AncestryDNA kits

Goal: Give our new and returning mobile web customers the ability to use Google Pay and guest checkout for easier path to purchase AncestryDNA Kits.

Responsible for:
  • UX Redesign
  • UI Implementation using existing patterns

The Current Checkout Flow
The current checkout experience is a single page that populates as you fill in the fields. It currently only accommodates for existing users or forces customers into becoming users regardless of whether they want to. Some potential customers become inadvertent users by creating an account even if they eventually abandon the cart.
Biggest customer pain points
  • Customers must either log in or create an account in order to continue to purchase.
  • Bounce rates are high - potential customers are discouraged by having to create an account.
  • Some customers create an account, continue to payment and bounce, inadvertently creating an account they are unaware of.
  • Some customers are here to purchase a gift for a friend or family member, and perhaps do not want this associated to their account.

Payment friction
Credit cards or billing addresses are not stored on the system. Customers must re-enter even when they have an account. Payment can may also be paid with PayPal. However, customers have to launch a separate browser window to fulfill.

Order Summary
The order summary does not provide much detail. Perhaps adding a photo would enhance the experience and potentially drive to higher sales.

Understanding Our Target Customer

Defined by our research department, the casual explorer persona was targeted because they want results with low investment. They are curious to learn about their heritage with high potential to
become messengers. It should be a quick and easy mobile experience with minimal friction to purchase. 

Required account creation was the main point of drop-off for these users. 

Based on data produced by our user researchers, I created this journey map to display pain points and potential areas of improvement to build a case around our goals of implementing technology to improve speed of purchase for these customers.

What was added?

Guest checkout: Gave customers the ability to purchase a kit without creating an account or logging in. This gave the opportunity to gifting for friends and family members.

Google Pay: Allowed for safer and faster transactions without leaving the checkout flow. Customers no longer had to type into redundant text fields on their mobile devices. They could also provide shipping and payment data privately stored with a 3rd party.

Stripe integration: Allowed for faster and safer transactions for customers that lacked Google Pay.

Updated Checkout Flow
A detailed user flow with added options to make the purchase.