🤷‍♂️ An Amateur’s Scribbled Map of Whatever Comes to Mind as This is Happening
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Hello! I’m +Buster Benson. Welcome to my scribbles. My personal website with ever-so-slightly more organized thoughts is over at notes.busterbenson.com but I wanted to try something a bit more chaotic for a bit. Fair warning: it’s not going to make sense. Hefty skepticism is fully warranted. Inline comments are welcome.  

Rough sketch of some weird ideas

I’m looking for a new, untethered way to organize thoughts in some spatial dimensions that aren’t by chronology or topic, but more around how function in terms of connecting me to my own intuitions, the world, and to communities. It’s a work-in-progress, so for now you get these obscure labels. Squint your eyes and pretend like you’re looking at an old map of a fictional world, like the kind at the beginning of the Hobbit. Yes, that will take an incredible squint. 

❄️ The Translucent Sky

Where chimeric syzygy is found.

A 10-year old private journaling community, +seedling 750 Words, begins to find renewed life. 

Nestled in small valley, a friendly Discord community named +Rickshaw.

🌋 The Magenta Hills

Where authentic creativity is found.

A pile of +Rough Cuts includes early drafts all kinds of unfinished work.

️ The Yellow Woods

Where shared story is found.

Loose notes on archetypes found within +Tarot and the +Mythic Realm

📊 The Cyan Markets 

Where useful strategies are found.

A place to practice +The Art of Productive Disagreement.

🔥 The Red Chasms

Where intuitions are found.

I reflect on the year at +44 - Year of the Amateur.

My +Codex Vitae, which is a book of beliefs.

💎 +The Blue Mountains 

Where objective evidence is found.

A place for conducting +Experiments in Cooking and 

Take a picture every day at +8:36pm to capture life with less curation.

🌳 The Green Gardens

Where social agreements are found.

An evolving set of +Values for Living that I hope to be held accountable to.

Ongoing notes on +Contractualism.

🕸 +The Dark Forest 

Where wicked problems are found.

A place where anxiety, absurdity, and alienation flow from the springs of +Wicked Problems

New or updated things

July 2020
  • 3rd: Updated test.750words.com (private alpha currently, ping me if you want to help test it out) with a fix to a very annoying memory leak issue that had me stuck for over a month. Daily active writers is around 8-10, so still a super small group.
June 2020
  • 13th: Shared notes on +White Fragility in a Facebook post as Black Lives Matter continues to rise in our cultural narrative. Also started a bound-to-be-difficult but hope-to-be-insightful conversation with Jonathan Church on white fragility
  • 5th: Started a +Tarot page and a +Tarot Journal to explore the weird mythical lands where shared stories are discovered, mostly for personal use but public because why not?

May 2020 
  • 29th: 
  • Imported and updated my +Codex Vitae along with the 9-year changelog. This is the first time I’ve posted my beliefs somewhere that allowed comments… I’m curious if this will lead to better feedback and accountability.
  • I need to explain the 8 locations on the map. First I’ll create notebooks for each one, starting with +The Dark Forest
  • I moved stuff from this homepage to +44 - Year of the Amateur because I realized that things were going to get really messy really quick. I also added the weird table above in an attempt to approximate a 2-dimensional map-like thing that is organized by an obscure system that may or may not work. Luckily, being an amateur allows such risks to be taken.