All hands: Tools team planning
CLOSED MEETING: tools teams/WGs only
Wednesday, 09:00-10:00
Meeting Style

  • Figure out the future of the devtools team organization, if any
  • Enumerate unparented devtools responsibilities that are in danger of being orphaned

  • Discuss what people hope to see in the devtools team
  • Pick a path forward 
  • (structure of the meeting will be decided day-of)

  • Pascal: devtools has always been about connecting tools. rustup and cargo have been kinda separate, rustdoc is weird.
  • misdreavus: my impression of the team was when nick PMd me to check in :). my impression was something like a liason thing with other teams
  • xanewok: exercise: imagine what we should do without the tools team?
  • spacekookie: what happens when a new devtool shows up? team is useful for infra.
  • manish: team helped liason, also helps provide a quorum for smaller tools
  • nick: keeping an eye out for tools that should exist but don’t yet
  • xanewok: should we continue with meetings?
  • oli: we should have checkups
  • manish: monthly?
  • nick: one thing to raise: dt was trying to be “people with an overview of tools stuff”, and there is a bit of a tension between that and having a core team model, where you have a leader from every subteam on the tools team, bc the overlap isn’t complete
  • ….
  • spacekookie: explains layout of community team leadership team that is defined through consent from the rest of the community team. This sub-team is responsible for communication with other teams
  • grey: People in the tools leadership should be about cross-cutting concerns between tools
  • Strawpoll
  • Large leadership team filled with leaders from the sub teams (1 person)
  • Smaller leadership team that don’t have to be leaders fro the sub teams (most people)
  • “For garfield reasons, no meetings on monday” #rustleaks
  • grey: people who’re in the leadership team shouldn’t be leaders in any of the sub-teams

Action items:
  • figure out how to work on tool vacuums
  • grey: Schedule meetings
  • manish: write email