All Aboard Bootcamp: Final Project
We made it. Now it’s time to put all that great work learning fundamentals into action!


The goal of the final project is to test your knowledge and ability in the topics that we’ve covered over the past 4 weeks. Those topics: Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, and JS are a solid core foundation on which you can build a new career in software development.

It’s going to be a lot of work (hopefully that’s nothing new at this point), but you can do it!


If you’ve taken a bootcamp course before, or really done any project.. you’re probably used to large final projects where you’re mostly off on your own. I want to do things a bit differently, because I want to make sure that you are setting the right level of expectations for yourself to meet what you’ll need in industry.

So instead of sending you off on your own, I want you to think of me as a project manager. You’ll be choosing the topic, but each week you will be sending your work to me for review and feedback on places I’d like to see you go next or ways to extend the ideas you have put together so far.

Choosing a topic

When you’re choosing a topic and goal for your final project, try to choose something that’s interesting to you. It doesn’t need to be a new app that no one has thought of before, or that you think will turn into a business, but it IS important that the subject matter is something close to your heart.

When you’re thinking of a project it’s often helpful to start with a topic and then add an extension which is the thing that justifies it being an interesting project.

For Example:

  • I’m going to build a site to catalog all of the vinyl records that I have and what I think of them

  • Extension: Other people can also create catalogs. We can show average ratings or organize trades.

  • I’m going to build a site for checking the local tides in my area

  • Extension: People can sign up to get notified when the tides are within a certain good range for fishing.

  • I’m going to build a site to document my travels.

  • Extension: Other people can create accounts to document theirs, as well as giving personal recommendations about things they have visited in each area.


  • Create a new repository named: "#{your_github_username}-final" inside of our organization. This is where you’ll be doing work.

  • Choose the topic you’d like to tackle in your project. Topics should be
  1. Interesting to you
  1. Involving the material we’ve covered in the course including: JS, Rails, Ruby, HTML, & CSS
  1. Note: You’ll need to be using more than what I’ve taught
  1. Of sufficient scope
  1. Out of your comfort zone

  • Email by Saturday, March 27th (or earlier!) with the details of the project you’d like to do. I want to see:
  1. A high-level summary of the work you’re planning
  1. A breakdown of what the project will entail

  • Wait for me to respond before starting major parts of work. I’ll do my best to respond to all emails by Monday, March 29th.
  • The earlier you get your email to me, the better.

  • Get to work!