Alex’s dating profile 😘 
I often use the moniker awlego online. This is awlego’s dating profile
update Dec 2023: currently in a relationship


Seeking long term romantic partnership. Also interested in potential new platonic friendships.

What I’m like

Make or Break it:

Age: 32
Gender: Male
Location: Currently Millbrae (just south of San Francisco), preference for long term residence on US west coast
Wants kids: Definitely!
Looking for: women
Height: 6’ 0”

World view:

I view the world from a positive perspective. Life is wonderful and filled with joy. I want to enjoy the time I have (and more) and share that joy with others. I’m primarily motivated by love, connection, and intellectual curiosity.


I’m curious and I like to understand the why and how of how our world works. Ideally you and I could stay up late learning how things work and sharing the cool things we discover.
I’m playful and silly. I like goofing off am not afraid to laugh at myself.
I trust easily. 
I’m very open and agreeable, with average conscientiousness and split intra/extraversion. I exhibit very little neuroticism.
I feel at home with technology and in nature. 
I feel at home with people who align with “nerds”. I definitely felt more at home at Caltech than I did anywhere else I’ve lived. 
I’m aroused (not sexually — just a vivid aliveness) by music and food and the smells of flowers and beautiful people and the wonders of the universe. My sometimes roommates roll their eyes at my sounds of delight while eating. I easily get lost in the joy of the smells of flowers on my runs. My YouTube feed is filled with physics videos. 

My strengths:

I'm accepting and trusting.
I’m smart and capable and creative. Handy, and helpful. 
I’m easy going, carrying very little stress, readily lending an ear or a hand.
I’m very slow to anger; almost wouldn’t describe myself as ever having felt anger. 
I’m generous, gracious, and affectionate. 
I like to think deeply and will go deep easily. 

My weaknesses:

I don't like conflict, so I'll sometimes downplay issues in an attempt to minimize anything upsetting or things I perceive as being upsetting.
In weakness I can fall into procrastination or complacency.


Hobbies: Most of my hobby time is spent either outdoors, gaming, or building something. Anything active, intellectual, or creative is generally up my alley. Here are some examples of some physical adventures:
I’m also into scuba diving, frisbee, tennis, surfing, running, mountain biking, and am open to trying most things. I’d love to play around the world with you 🙂 
Sometimes I get adventurous in the kitchen: