Advanced MPI

University of Cambridge - 12 - 13th September 2017

Dan Holmes EPCC

in conjunction with INTERTWinE

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Oops :)

MPI_Type_indexed would be useful. Any pointers to material (apart from the MPI Standard)? Any books recommended? Also for MPI_Type_struct.
The “Using Advanced MPI” book (below) is a good reference for recent features of MPI but you may also like to look at previous versions for older features of MPI, e.g.:

Yes, this is a good reference/teaching book, written by the MPI Forum members that produced the recent versions of the MPI Standard.

Could also mention C++ boost::multi_array (and Eigen) for contiguous N-dimensional array access from C++, when using the C MPI interface.
Agreed, this is a good idea - I will add this to the course slides for future presentations. Thanks!