Adobe Week [3/5-3/9]
Thanks for your interest in our events this week! Here you’ll find the materials you need to have a successful workshop experience.

Before attending any of our workshops, please download the software you’ll be learning.

  1. Download “Creative Cloud”
  1. Sign up or Sign in with Facebook
  1. Install “Creative Cloud Installer” 
  1. Install the appropriate software for your workshop (Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC, or Illustrator CC)

Then download the corresponding assets folder for the workshop.

3/6 — Post Processing in Photoshop and Lightroom
3/7 — Icons and Posters in Illustrator

Good Resources for Posters:

Curious about what else is going on this week?

Tuesday 3/6 -- Clark 294F

Photo Society is teaching two back-to-back workshops about post-processing. Come to either workshop (or both!!).
5pm: Lightroom workshop
6pm: Photoshop workshop

Wednesday 3/7 -- Upson 206

Another set of back-to-back workshops to teach you how to make icons and posters in Illustrator!
5pm: Icons in Illustrator
6pm: Posters in Illustrator

Thursday 3/8 -- 12-2pm PSB

Friday 3/9 -- 1-3pm Statler Atrium

Can't make any of these events? No problem! We're holding open office hours for any of the software we taught during the week on Thursday (3/8) and Friday (3/9). Come by if you need to make a poster or cover photo or have general questions about Adobe products! We can also walk you through our workshops this week one-on-one.