Adobe Summit 2019 Notes

Day 1 Keynote: Business Transformation through CXM via @Peter Shankman

  • Details: Join Adobe Chairman and CEO, Shantanu Narayen and CTO and EVP, Abhay Parasnis with executives from Best Buy, Chegg, Intuit, SunTrust Bank, and more, as they discuss how companies can transform their business through the power of customer experience management (CXM). The opening general session will include demonstrations on how organizations can harness Adobe Experience Cloud and its vast partner ecosystem to keep pace with increasing customer expectations, empower employees to become Experience Makers, and drive business growth. We’ll share never-before-seen tech innovations in AI, mixed reality, and real-time data management as well as new integrations and capabilities across Adobe Experience Cloud.

Starting with Shantanu. 
  • Over 17,000 attendees, largest ever. Marketo and Magenta getting a shoutout for first time here.
  • We’ll hear Adobe’s vision for next era of transformation and CRM,.
  • “Powerful experiences change the way we work and the world around us, affecting students and artists everywhere, brought to live through our three clouds.
  • Creative: Empower to create
  • Document: Activating all the verbs that apply to digital documents
  • Experience: Transforming how businesses compete in the digital era
  • The core message comes down to this: “To win in Today’s world, every business has to transform themselves to be maniacally focused on the customer experience. (Boom! Shoutout to the Customer experience!)
  • Lessons we’ve learned through building, we’ll share.
  • We sold software. Mostly through distribution and resellers. We delivered the innovation every 12-18 months. Knew biz was at a crossroads. Product cycles were too slow. No direct relationship with customer. Which features would add most value? And we weren’t attracting next gen of users.
  • We had a unique opp to completely reimagine biz model and creative ecostystem. So we turned multibillion dollar biz on it’s head, and turned to a subscription model.
  • Changed everything. Sub model put cust experience front and center. The always-on reality was real.
  • Focused on earning customers biz and trust, relying on data as much as creativity.
  • Complete rethink of how we operated. Put customers front and center, optimizing customer journey from discover to try to buy to use all the way through renewal.
  • Across every geography.
  • Digital transformation had to be imperative for entire org. New operating model - Narrative plus data = new Adobe biz model.

  • Discover: Represents top of the funnel. Put together goals, allows to focus exactly on traffic we need, including media spend, quantity of media spend, including black frinday, etc.
  • Try is next: First stage of relationship to customer - from anon to known user. For adobe it’s qualified and unqualified free trials. Trials highly correlate with decision to purchase.
  • Buy phase next: Right offer made to right customer at right rtime. Insights include correlating individuals, marketing, segmentation, etc. Conversion may vary by geography, Japan wants more info, US wants to try first... 
  • Use phase next: What are the customers doing? How is Adobe driving long term value?

  • Frictionless renewal experience - anticipation - credit card changing, for example.
  • How different routes have different retention rates. (Resellers, web, etc.)
  • All businesses need to have their version of Adobe’s dashboard, at the core of their digital transformation.
  • Insures agility for people on front line for people making decisions in real time.
  • “Treat each customer like they’re your only customer.” Know what they’ve done in the past so you’ll know what they’ll be doing in the future. *Knowledge bomb.

  • Real time information at scale.
  • Personalization can not happen without data and intelligence, and SHOULD  not happen without trust and transparency.
  • User control, customer choice, and privacy for the user.
  • Use case:
  • Adobe Rush - People who want to create for Youtube, FB, IG, etc:
  • Showing a video of anonymous user browses the web, Adobe is already starting to personalize the experience in real time. When they’re browsing on IG later, they can resume engagement with paid ad for Adobe Rush. As they click on the ad and download the software, they’re hydrating the customer profile. They sign up and create an Adobe ID, now they’re opting in to create more personalized experience. Now they become KNOWN.
  • As Sarah continues to engage, she gets invited to purchase single app plan, and the engagement continues to grow. Across mobile, laptop, and PC, across online and physical.
  • Adobe can then predict her next steps. People who engage on different apps and different surfaces are more likely to renew.
  • (Ed note: I am LOVING my experience Premiere Rush.)
  • Adobe just announced everyone here gets a free one year sub to Adobe Rush, and the crowd just lost their minds in applause.
  • It’s the ability to put the customer in the center of your digital strategy that will separate the leaders from the laggards in any industry.
  • Few industries have faced more digital disruption than retail. But one company has found success.. And they’re introducing Best Buy now.

Best Buy