Admissions Checklist
Copy and paste this checklist to use it for yourself. 
🆕 We made an all-in-one checklist, school list, and results tracker here

LSAT Score(s):
Link to school list: (Here’s a template. Make a new spreadsheet with the template and paste the link here.) 

Stuff to Do

Send transcripts and LORs to LSAC’s Credential Assembly Service:
  • Transcripts

Plan your attack:
  • Create a school list with about three reach, target, and safety schools, respectively.
  • Decide if you’ll apply early decision.

Write your essays and other documents:
  • Final proofread 
  • Final proofread 
  • Final proofread 
  • Gap in employment addendum, if applicable
  • Final proofread 
  • Final proofread 

Stuff to Think About

After you write your essays, take a minute to step back and consider your whole application. Ask yourself a couple questions:
  • Do you have any major liabilities as an applicant? 
  • What questions might an admissions officer have about your application?
  • Is there anything else that the admissions committee should know about you?

Fill out the application and double-check everything:
[School 1] (copy for each school)
  • Fill out the application.
  • Review the application preview. Make sure you…
  • Haven’t made any typos in your responses to short answer questions
  • Follow the instructions for the personal statement, including length limits.
  • Accept all tracked changes on your documents before you upload Word files, or upload PDFs
  • Attach the correct version of your personal statement, and not an essay addressed to the wrong school.
  • Follow instructions for the résumé, listing hours for each job or specifying whether it was part-time or full-time if necessary.
  • Add headers that show your name and LSAC number. (Your résumé doesn’t need a header with your LSAC number.)
  • Answer the character and fitness questions correctly.
  • Attach all necessary addenda.