Adam Kreek | Additional Presentations
Adam conducts an extensive pre-event interview to ensure that his story speaks authentically to each unique audience as well as fit within the broader context of conferences and events. He works closely with his team to craft an authentic message that reinforces the best organizational goals, interests and cultures

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Keynote Presentations:

Leading and Executing Your Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is about identifying what’s most important in our lives, explicitly communicating our priorities to our colleagues and our loved ones, and setting definitive boundaries necessary to achieve and sustain our desired way of life.

There is no one size fits all ‘work-life balance’; it is as unique to each of us as our shoe size.  Leading and executing our personal work-life balance requires visioning, planning and the courage to stand up for our values and needs.  Once achieved, work-life balance provides the freedom to live more calm and fulfilled lives.

Key Takeaways
  • Identify top work priorities, and focus on these essential tasks daily to reduce distraction and ensure that work is complete within determined work hours. Tools and strategies provided.
  • A framework to prioritize your personalized balance between work, life and health.
  • Explore how assertiveness helps us to set boundaries to ensure desired work-life balance is achieved and sustained.
  • Communication techniques to better convey your new work-life balance to family, friends and colleagues.

Gold Medal Safety: Courage, Communication & Stress Response

12 years, 2 million practice strokes, 7,200 practices sessions, 13,000 hours on the water.  Olympic training statistics are remarkable.  Adam knows.  He’s lived it.  However, when discussing Olympic results, one measure of success and failure is often overlooked:

How many workers died in preventable safety incidents to create a successful Olympic experience?  

For Adam Kreek, it was 24.

Ten workers died preparing the Beijing Olympic facilities where he competed and won in 2008.
Fourteen workers died to produce the Athens Olympics where Adam competed just four years earlier. These workplace fatality numbers break Adam’s heart, and many more life-changing injuries hide behind each fatality number.

But there is hope.  The London Olympics pursued safety with an overt Olympic mindset and delivered the best safety performance on record for a summer games.  Not one worker died due to workplace neglect.  Now, that’s an Olympic record to strive for!

What is Gold Medal Safety?   A Zero-Harm worksite.
Zero-harm can seem as daunting as winning an Olympic Gold Medal, so we need to have the courage to dream this big.  Aim for perfection, accept excellence.  That is how you win the Olympics.  That is how you build a strong safety culture.  That is how you win in a competitive marketplace. The insights, questions and stories shared in Adam’s keynote will help safety leaders and their organizations build and sustain Gold Medal Safety at every level of an organization.

Key Takeaways:
  • Practical and effective communication and conflict resolution models for safe work environments.
  • Successful responses to hazardous stress triggers.
  • To harness courage and speak with authority under pressure.
  • How to take personal responsibility for team safety.

Mental Fitness for Living Well

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Our daily habits, routines and mental states are no exception. Statistics don’t lie. We’re more stressed, overworked, overweight and less healthy than ever before. Yet we get up and repeat our behavioural patterns, regardless of whether they are serving us.

As a business owner, entrepreneur, and father of three, Adam has adapted the skills and strategies that propelled him to Olympic Gold to meet the demands of his current pursuits – business, family and community life.  As a lead Champion for the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and advocate for mental health and wellness programs, Adam teaches simple, practical and science-based strategies to strengthen mental fitness for day-to-day wellbeing.

Join Adam for a transformational keynote that explores ways you can take back control of your own health and wellness.  Set and fulfil your personal goals and develop a mental fitness for life. Participants will leave with practical and actionable habits and strategies to better their personal mental fitness for life. It’s time to hop off autopilot and reboot. To pause and dedicate time to take a breath, reclaim yourself and reset for the next chapter of your life.

Sample Topic Areas:
All keynotes and workshops are tailored to meet the client’s conference goals and theme. Clients can pick 5-10 topics to include in a presentation:
  • Master Your first hour
  • Harness the Power of five-minute Journaling
  • Create and practice small habits for momentum
  • Experiment with a personal resilience meditation