Activation Documentation for Hostfully
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Activating your connection to HomeAway/Vrbo

  • Activate Vrbo as a channel partner. To activate Vrbo as a channel partner in Hostfully, go to the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the page, click Channels, and set HomeAway to ON. Refer to this article for more information:

  • Contact your assigned Vrbo Account Manager or Support. He or she will set your account and listing preferences and arrange your project with the Implementation team so that you can begin the activation process. 

  • Begin your project after an Implementation Specialist contacts you. When it is time for your appointment, an Implementation Specialist will contact you to begin your project. He or she will send you a link to a mapping tool that you can use to map your Vrbo listings within Hostfully. The mapping tool is user friendly and straightforward, but if you have any questions, please ask your Implementation Specialist. To find your property IDs within Hostfully, go to the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the page, click Our Properties, select the name of the property you want to map, click Main Settings, and find the property’s Unique ID.

  • Enable your listings to feed over to Vrbo/Vrbo. You can do this by selecting Channels and then clicking Manage this channel.
  • The list of properties is displayed. Turn ON the ones you want advertised on Vrbo.

  • Complete the Mapping Tool with the external IDs from Hostfully. The Implementation Specialist will then work to set up your Listings and Online Booking (OLB) integrations. If you had existing listings on Vrbo, the Support Team will work with you to transfer reviews to your new listings. 

  • Troubleshoot issues and use the Vrbo dashboard. Your activation is almost complete! Your Implementation Specialist will end the project with explaining how to troubleshoot errors on your nightly audit report and how to navigate your Vrbo dashboard. If you have any questions after your project closes, contact the Support Team for Integrated Property Managers (see bottom of this document). 

  • Note: After you are integrated, Hostfully becomes the system of record for rates, calendars, listing content, and photos. Any listing content entered on the Vrbo dashboard will be overwritten by the feed.

Property information that feeds to Vrbo

To update your listing headline, click Agency Name > Our Properties> Description and provide text in the Short Description field:
To update your listing description, click Agency Name > Our Properties > Description and provide text in the Long Description field:  

To update your property’s address and latitude/longitude, click Agency Name > Our Properties > Main Settings and provide information in the Latitude and Longitude fields.

Property registration number 
To add a property registration number in Hostfully,  click Agency Name > Our Properties > Main Settings and enter the Rental License Number.

Bedrooms and bathrooms 
To specify the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, click Agency Name > Our Properties > Main Settings and enter information in the Bathrooms, Bedrooms, and Number of Beds fields.
Maximum number of guests 
To specify the maximum number of guests that a property can accommodate, click Agency Name > Our Properties > Main Settings and enter Max Guests.  
Minimum length of stay