Action Items from #Unboundeq Filter
  1. Game the YouTube algorithm perhaps with a new YouTube account.
  1. Explore AI/machine learning as a new political force that needs counterbalancing
  1. Dream up a 21st century safe learning/landing space
  1. Rename my composition class assignment “Presentations” as “Shares” and then get students to help define what ‘shares’ are.
  1. Create a specific action list from my generic credo:
  • a.real work for real living pay
  • b.autonomy in a job worth doing
  • c.cooperation
  • d.retirement with dignity
  • e.rebuilding community
  • f.supporting public goods like Medicare for all
  • g.refuse capitalism as we know it.
  1. Engage with folk about “weaponizing white dudes” and rethink the idea of ‘useful outrage’
  1. Practice Four Moves (and teach it too.)
  1. Create with
  1. Media Breaker
  1. Popcorn
  1. Soapbox Nation