🏂 Slopes: Achievement driven rewards for the most passionate skiers 
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🏂 The Slopes app is your best friend during the snowboarding season

Created by Curtis Herbert, a snowboarder himself, Slopes accurately tracks your skiing and snowboarding runs using only an iPhone's GPS.  At the end of your day on the slopes, you get a rundown of the day and can share your favorite moments and stats on social media.

🌟 An app that embodies the best mountain experiences and records them

Slopes user experiences are essential to Curtis. The app is lovingly designed and has great functionality. Slopes has been repeatedly featured in online media articles, like in Tomsguide, Mashable, Appleinsider, 9to5mac, and more. 

And users are delighted with their experience, leaving 4.8 star reviews on average:

🚀 Curtis believes that players deserve to be rewarded for their time on the slopes

When Curtis learned of the Monetizr vision to create incredible user experiences, he knew it was a great fit for Slopes. Monetizr’s white-label solution offers the ultimate flexibility and customization. The team works hand-in-hand with customers each step of the way, from integration and game collectible designs to fulfillment and customer service. Monetizr’s white-glove service takes care of the heavy lifting, so that game developers can focus on delivering a great app.

The best approach for Slopes turned out to be achievement-based rewards for days, runs, mileage, and seasons spent on the slopes.

The holy grail is the Slopes black on black T-shirt. But it takes 500k vertical feet to unlock it (side note 500k vertical feet is A LOT.) Slopes players are striving to get that far because they know it’s a very exclusive club. Wearing the T-shirt makes a bold statement that shows a fearless athleticism and a competitive edge.

💌 People who already unlocked collectibles are superexcited

🎿 When applying the Octalysis framework, Slopes succeeded because of the following elements:

  1. Emotional triggers: we identified the emotional triggers by using the Octalysis framework throughout the narrative of the app.
  1. Rewarding gamers: we rewarded players for time, skills, and money spent natively and by enhancing the user experience within the app.
  1. Real-life rewards: we engaged with the app users by rewarding them with real-life items that are valuable outside of the game. 

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📱 Get ready for the next Slopes season and try the app yourself!

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