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This is a living document and was last updated June 26, 2020. Please be aware that some of these links are wonky on mobile — desktop viewing is highly recommended. If there are resources you’d like to recommend for this list or you spot an error/typo, please don’t hesitate to email me.

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  • SECTIONS IN PROGRESS (please contact me with any recommends!):
  • Books and articles on art & media as they pertain to systemic racism and Black history (anything from the intersection of art history and Black history, to racism in film/music/media, to the roles of race/racism in present-day media and activism)
  • LGBTQ+ books/articles (either queer authors/writers/speakers/activists, or subject matter as it pertains to the intersection of gender, racism, and Black queer history)
  • Articles specifically on intersectional feminism (anything from the policing of Black girls in educational settings to reproductive justice to white feminism, etc)
  • Books, articles, or peer-reviewed journals/reports/studies for healthcare workers and medical professionals on the history and intersection of race and healthcare/medicine (looking specifically for resources beyond maternal health, which is currently covered in the reproductive justice section

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