ACES Metadata File Implementation Virtual Working Group

(ARCHIVED - This group has concluded and is no longer active. This page remains here for reference only.) 

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Dan Tatut - Working Group Chairman - email
Alex Forsythe - ACES Technical Lead - email
Steve Tobenkin - ACES Adoption/Comms Lead - email
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ACES Metadata Implementation VWG Goals

This group is intended to:
  • Create tools and best practices that assist in the consistent and quality implementation of the ACES Metadata File (AMF). 

ACES Metadata File Proponents

Below are the list of proponents for this work listed on the original proposal form:
  • Netflix
  • Universal Pictures
  • The Walt Disney Studios
  • Marvel Studios

Group Norms

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How the ACES VWG Process Works
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New Specification DRAFT

Group Proposal Form

VWG Deliverables

  • Interoperability testing based on a set of canonical test vectorsfor the primary use-cases.
  • Pseudo-code/algorithmsto help adopters to implement AMF in their products
  • Propose support/interaction for AMF into/with various media transport formats, in particular file formats used in production, post production, mastering and archiving(e.g. ST2067-50 IMF Application #5)


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