ACES Implementation TAC Meeting Notes
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November 19, 2020

Meeting Slides


ACES Leadership
Rod Bogart
Alex Forsythe
Scott Dyer
Steve Tobenkin
Andy Maltz
Implementation TAC Members
Sean Cooper
James Eggleton
Pablo Garcia Soriano
Deke Kincaid
Graeme Nattress
Peter Postma
Patrick Renner
Nick Shaw
Dan Tatut
Kevin Wheatley
Raymond Yeung
Architecture TAC Members
Joshua Pines
Doug Walker
Rémi Achard
Chris Brejon
Chris Clark
Joseph McCormick
Daniel Mulligan
Carol Payne
Matthias Scharfenberg
J. Shulte

Meeting Notes

JZ outlines meeting agenda.

All TAC members please check the TAC page and confirm your picture, company, and title. Contact Scott ( with any desired changes and he will make them promptly.

ACES Roadmap Discussion