🗒Invite for Nicholas Nassim Taleb to join The Futur

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Subject: Speaking engagement on The Futur Youtube channel and podcast

Dear Mr. Taleb,

My name is Robert Heckert and I’m the writer/producer for The Futur, a company and Youtube channel led by Chris Do–an Emmy winning designer–which creates educational content for creative entrepreneurs. 

Our guests span a wide range of expertise and have included

We would love for you to join us as our next guest for our next round of filming. We think your work on Antifragility is especially useful and formative to creatives learning to adapt to a competitive and ever-changing environment. 

Not only that, but all of us at The Futur are huge fans of your work so it’s a win for us and our audience. 

If you’re interested in this, we’ll connect with your secretary to set up an itinerary that fits in your schedule. We’ll also be more than happy to promote your books and other material on our show. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here or at 562-743-8351. 

I look forward to hearing from you.