Spatial computing jam learning resources

Learning resources:

Devices - VR:
Oculus Quest:
  • A-Frame input examples for Oculus Quest: 

HTC Vive / Microsoft Mixed Reality / Valve Index :

Tools - VR

Tools - AR:
  • Easy way to get started with AR: has a desktop editor. Like a light-weight Unity.
  • Focused on face filters, but also simple hand tracking is possible
  • Supports scripting & custom shaders
  • Visual prototyping tool that runs on iOS mobile devices
  • A-Frame - a web framework for building virtual reality experiences:

Design tools:
  • Torch 3D (AR) (Visual prototyping tool)
  • Microsoft Maquette (VR / AR)
  • VR application for making spatial experience mockups. Has some AR design features as well.

Design books:

Design guidelines: