Moloch Pool UI Review
+Moloch Pool UI 

  1. Let’s do three lines
  1. approve moloch / pool
  1. unwrap weth
  1. wrap eth
  1. more space in between too

  1. Missing the check to make sure the weth has been approved to the pool
  1. doing the same thing as the proposal submission checks would be fine
  1. Deposit to Pool doesn’t account for decimal places
  1. tx for 1 weth (link)

  • doesn’t load
  • click view profile to reproduce

  • can’t see # of completed proposals anymore
  • also completed proposal loading is getting slow

How does a Pool shareholder withdraw from the pool? 
  • Add a “Pool Withdraw” 
  • once clicked, above the input, show the total pool shares
  • only display for pool shareholders

Pool Homepage
  • disable the sync button if the pool is synced

  • add etherscan links for moloch and the pool somewhere at the bottom


  1. Center buttons and the shares/eth values + background
  1. Remove decimals

  1. Special case - whoever activated is a member with the amount they activated with
  1. Can hardcode for now with my address & 1 eth