Scaling Trust

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I'm off to the founder of the data also on at the monthly gathering of developer relations people in Europe
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I have good news and bad news the good news is I'm the only thing that stands between you and whatever good stuff is in there
the bad news is I'm Jack like in we of 70 slides
my name is Dan Goodman Wilson I am developer advocate at getting home
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I'm also the owner of an organisation and your card the devil salon it's an informal professional organisation for Ford of Lords are we meeting parents in Amsterdam one summer
you think you might be interested in something like this but song afterwards
what's especially interesting to me today
I'm pretty under the tree nursery so I'm so happy to be here in Tokyo
actually came here to talk about all day but today is my academic background so is Alexa pointed out my background is actually an academic philosophy as a professor teaching intro to Logic intro to Java not what you expect
going to c plus plus
I know I'm really passionate about teaching I'm really passionate about technology as well and that's what's got me in the devil
I wanna ask how many of you
why do people write how many of you had a teacher that really got you excited about a particular topic miss you very enthusiastic bye
what are the properties of a teacher that gets you excited or enthusiastic about a top
wondered out for you
connect you to the subject
their passion for the subjective dizziness
a really good one patient is there are no stupid questions that's what they always say that's why they are stupid questions patience is the really important thing there right
what I'm looking for is a funny thing that happens with Enthusiasm is infectious yes it spread to other people in the room
somebody was really enthusiastic about something who acts like they know a lot about
you trust them it's part of that enthusiastic born that that they've shared with you is that you trust them you trust implicitly you don't even think about it it's just something that happens maybe later you go back and she won't have me what was I thinking but that's not really Common
I want to talk about trust I want to talk about trust in the context of my experience teaching I want to talk about trust
theoretical framework