How to practice commons architecture?
Keyword: commons, architecture, architectural, design, urban

Alternative title

or commoning architecture ? 

  • potential and existence of Informality, informal and oral protocols, their power, openness, adaptability and social construction potentials
  • the (new?) Aesthetics of the commons and it’s politics
  • architecture as a resource
  • architectural design knowledge as a resource
  • design vs co-creation and co-making
  • (re)production and making of architecture as a commons > temporality, counterstatic construction > maintenance as architecture
  • the important distinction between the public, the collective and the commons
  • infrastructuring the commons as a strategy
  • studying the informal housing and commons architecture cases ?
  • self organization and leadership
  • creativity and architectural interventions as a means for conflict resolution
  • monitoring ???
  • analytic knowledge creation: informal housing / commons architecture examples as a case? IAD Framework?

  • timely design, not only in terms of temporality but also architecture’s intervention-- if there is no end-product, architectural service is needed all during the commoning practices

  • affordability
  • intellectual show off serving to bobos

  • Commonist architecture as “socially inculcated tacit knowledge”.

notes from 20th august

to do:
a list of case studies in bxl

  • commons as an Open system vs closed system (fallacy)

  • impossibility of pure commons and self governance