🥑 9/8. Jessica Helfand: Self-Reliance + Creative Practice 

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Add 3 questions from Self-Reliance by Jessica Helfand before Wednesday, 9/8 @ 12pm ET. 
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Shinee Wang
[Admitting] Foundation is necessary in the creative process. Do you think it will be more productive if you start with a solid foundation or it will limit potential possibilities.
[On Seeing] It is not easy to change our perception about a thing. Do you find any good way to practice it?
[Generating] What are your ways to generate ideas? In your opinion, what is the most useful method to achieve it?
Tina Li
Many artists' creations come from their experiences. Whether it is family or love pain, they may create unique works. Do you think artistic creation is a good treatment? What is the difference between writing and painting?

On Seeing 
Color is emotional, people will choose different colors to represent different feelings, so colors should be subjective, but in some design books there will be designated color matching and application methods. How do you think we should observe and use color? How should art be interpreted?
As a creator, where does your inspiration come from?Life / culture / cooperative projects? Do you think design is new creation or redesign? How did you realize your creative ideas? What will you do if you encounter difficulties?
Dong Xia
Many artists have experienced great trauma, whether it is family or love. When they lost these things that are vital to them, how did they deal with these pains? Will these pains be reflected in their works? Could you use some examples to explain?
On seeing
Sometimes our design needs to face the public. When the public cannot agree with your understanding of certain colors, should you cater to them or stick with your own opinions?
When you create an idea, but your purpose is not clear or you are still not know about your final goal. Everything is vague. Whether you should trust your gut or believe in a more objective idea in general?
Ruolin Fu
If you facing the difficulty that is impossible to overcome, will you give up or just keep  going?
On Seeing 
How much your emotions will influence your interpretation of blue. If you are in a good mood, would you think blue is positive.

How to generate a unique idea? 
Mark Huang
[Admitting] Was there ever a time giving up was the right thing to do? If so how do you determine when it is time to admit defeat?
[On Seeing] If your perception of a color’s meaning is different from the public’s perception, which one is “correct” to you when you create art?
[Generating] How do you define studio space? Is it any space a designer/artist works in? Any specific elements that make it a “studio”?
Tegwen McKenzie
Emerson and Helfand are two people who speak of self-reliance after having experienced so much loss. How can people who haven’t yet experienced loss learn to be self-reliant (i.e., out of choice instead of necessity)? 
Is the productive work one does while coping with loss a form of self-reliance? Or is it more so transferring that reliance onto something else, a “thing” instead of a “person” (to keep you busy/be a distraction)? How does one identify self-reliant behaviour(s)? 
Hefland said, stop confusing generating with inventing.”

Does this contribute to the belief that everything is a remix” and that all ideas are made of old ideas”? Are creators today simply generating off of ideas and designs that were previously invented?
Yining Zhu
[Admitting] Have you ever kept working on a project because you wouldn’t admit defeat? How did the project end and how do you feel after that?
[On Seeing] If you could pick a color to represent your covid quarantine time, what color would it be and why?
[Generating] As a creative, where do you usually get your inspirations from and how do you implement an inspired idea into your work? 
Karan Chowdhary
Productivity requires focused mind, but are there any techniques to focus in critical or challenging times? 
On Seeing
As every person's emotional reaction to a color is subjective and dynamic, can we ever rely on the “definitions” of color?

When ideating, should one focus on the quality of ideas or the quantity of ideas?
Vern Liu
How do you stay productive and motivated in a project, when you are not seeing any positive results.

[On Seeing]
As we all might read color differently. How do you finding the "right" color to communicate your idea in your work/projects? 

I always find myself more productive working in a studio space, even just looking at other designer's screens, coffee chats, or hopping into a brainstorm section. With the current circumstance that we working remotely, how do you stay connected with other creatives and keep yourself inspired?

Thao Tran
(Intro & Admitting)
Do you feel your perspective and practice on art have shifted after dealing with your emotional loss?

(On Seeing)
Do you let your definition of a color influence the way you approach a painting you’re working on?
When revisiting an artwork, do you find your emotion remain the same as when you first made it? Does it provoke new ideas?
Jess Chen
Can you list three different things that being alone taught you? 

On seeing: 
It appears that blue has its’ meaning due to historical and cultural context. It seems to me that it’s mostly derived from a subjective manner, which could differ from person to person. For example, in the text, the author mentioned: “Later, Goethe, among others, would concur. The appearance of objects seen through a blue glass is gloomy and melancholy, he wrote.” How is the general trend of opinions decided upon since everyone’s opinion is subjective and personal?  
What you usually do when you are not satisfying with your art piece when you are creating something at the studio time?
Samantha Laite
Lost. and Found. - Do you find by accepting emotion and circumstances surrounding your life, your art and writing becomes more exploratory and representative than comparatively your art when you hide from emotions and deny life situations? What ultimately motivated you to start creating again and get you back in the studio? Lastly did you find the work you were producing right off the bat accurately resemble what you were trying to communicate? 
On Seeing - I have read so many books and articles trying to break down the philosophies of color and trying to assert where each color belongs and what times they should be used. As yo mentioned in your writing shifting perspective can shift perception, do you think color should be observed in such an assertive firm definitions and belongings? How do you believe your relationship with color has affected your writing and art?
Generating - In this writing you speak to the studio space. Do you have a particular way you like your studio, or must have items that help in the generating of ideas and getting to “go rogue”? 
Grace Yang
Intro// How can you make sure the selfhood is genuine when so much of our mind is influenced by modern media?
Admitting// What was motivating you to not admitting defeat?

On seeing// If you are stuck in one perspective, what can you do to start shifting this perception?
Generating// Do you have any advise on how to practice generating outside of an educational environment? 

Discussion led by Yining (Admitting, Generating) and Jess (Introduction, On Seeing).