Ⓜ️ Products you can sell with Monetizr

We’re excited to share details about Monetizr products

At Monetizr we reward your users with an opportunity to unlock and buy:
  1. your own game merch like t-shirts, hats, 3d-figurines, decals, and 40+ other products
  1. gift cards from Amazon, Apple, even sponsored services or your own game unlockables
  1. and sponsored rewards from brands that fit your core audience and goes well with the narrative of the game.

  • How to monetize, You decide!

🧢 Game Merch

9️⃣ Fulfillment partners around the world

Monetizr has partnered with nine manufacturers that are producing millions of highest quality products every year and delivering them worldwide.

Our fulfillment system automatically chooses most convenient manufacturer, and picks the fastest shipping provider to your gamers location, ensuring that your game merchandise is delivered right to your gamer's doorstep.

👕 Apparel

Available products: T-shirt, Hoodie, Zip hoodie, Long sleeve shirt, Tank-Top
Print techniques: Cotton, sublimation, all-over print
Fits: Male, Female, Kids, Babies 
Popular colors: Black,White,Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Grey,Purple,Pink

🧢 Wearable accessories

  • Hats (Caps, Baseball Caps)
  • 15 Pin-back buttons
  • Flip flops
  • Totes (sublimation, all-over print, cotton)
  • Yoga shirts
  • Yoga capri leggings


  • Mugs (11oz, 15oz)
  • Water bottles
  • Stickers/Decals (Vinyl)
  • Mouse Pads
  • Laptop Covers
  • iPhone Cases (Transparent, sublimation, all-over print, Tough Phone Cases)
  • Samsung Galaxy Cases (Transparent, sublimation, all-over print, Tough Phone Cases)
  • Pillows (Square, Rectangular)
  • Notebooks
  • Towels

🖼 Cards, Posters, Framed art

  • Posters (Matte, Glossy)
  • Canvas Posters
  • Canvas Wraps
  • Framed Art
  • Photo-books (Small, Large)
  • Postcards (Postcards, Folded Postcards)