Moloch Pool UI


  • Deploy Moloch Pool Contract - Ask Nomic Labs to do it (and verify on etherscan)

Moloch Navigation

  • Ragequit 
  • once clicked, above the input, show the total shares
  • (max: 23)
  • Add a “Pool Withdraw”
  • once clicked, above the input, show the total pool shares
  • (max: 23)
  • Approve wETH (Moloch)
  • add the “(Moloch)”
  • Approve wETH (Pool)
  • add the whole button

Moloch Homepage

  • Under (or next to) Guild Bank Value, add a Moloch Pool Value
  • can make the font sightly smaller if helpful
  • Next to member / proposal buttons, add a Moloch Pool Button
  • Remove the decimals from the guild bank value
  • Final Buttons
  • Members / Proposals / Moloch Pool

Moloch Pool Page

  • Guild Bank Value → Moloch Pool Value
  • Total Shares / ETH / Value add the word “Pool” before
  • Keep “Members”, remove proposals
  • Add Sync button (where proposals are)
  • gray and disabled if synced
  • green and active if not synced
  • Default to syncing all the way to the latest proposal
  • Final Buttons
  • Donate / Sync / XX Members

Moloch Pool Members Page (new page)

  • Look exactly like the Moloch Members page
  • One section - Pool Contributors
  • Rank by shares
  • link to Moloch Member profile

Moloch Member Profile Page

  • Total Value → Shares Value
  • Under shares / value add a row for Pool Shares / Pool Shares Value

UI Test Cases


  • See Active Keepers
  • Display
  • 0xadsfjlaksdfjlak x
  • 0xasdlfjasdklfjas x
  • +
  • once you click +, x goes away (same vica versa)
  • button at the bottom Update Keepers