5th Element

Link to this page: http://bit.ly/The5thE 

Wellcome (Update)

I have started a company called The 5th Element.
It’s now a reality: we have made our own sewage pipes (patent pending) and we can treat 2000 liters of water per day (and go up to 16.000 liters in Version XL) - running 24/7 in our demo suites at the harbour.

Rambøll has been superior in their consulting and DHI is very valuable already. The best of the Danish. We will also solve sustainable off-grid waste management of sewage and litter. We have been silly unsuccessful on the litter - but the idea can’t die.  

We will now go with an existing incinerator (from G-O) in lack of a better solution and we need a filter for the smoke coming from our insulator.
NOW. It’s very small compared to a normal superadvanced smoke from Haldor T -  as I understand - but we have orders on potentially 92 small incinerators to handle and burn WASTE on our Eco Resorts (see more about us www.bit.ly/PoshtelAll and www.the5th.io (website down) - please spend 2min on this 5th Element video - it will change the world a bit and it works now. After 22 months with 16 people and all my savings ). - And we aim at selling +2500 over the next 60 months.
Let us know if it’s  too small for you guys. 

Se pictures from our Demo http://bit.ly/PoshPhotos 

Transparency is key. We have a lawsuit from early cofounder and consultant of €100.000 for 230h of work (link to invoice)  (its a story with 2 sides - but we cant fundraise from Friends and Family if all 750.000 dkk goes out of the company - and we will not take in money from any investor until thats settled. On top of this O Koo and Simon V and Chr Søgaard and ML and Milica has used 50-100h per month on 5th Element. 


Owner Jesper - link to deck (Google Presentation

Posh SiteMap: http://bit.ly/PoshtelSitemap

Website (outdated): www.the5th.io


5th Element is Water Treatment and Sewage Cables made smart for down to >10 Homes*.

*made for Poshtel - and open to the world. Open to all Solar and Wind and AWG partners in the world- As long as they fit into our containers and cables… 

Latest  Keynote (don’t edit)
The core - that needs update ( and budget and “Proposal Engine” via AirTable