This PAD helps organizing and formalizing working paths that have to be addressed during the DAO CellCamp from the Myneurs point of view. It also emphasizes point to be discussed and developped over the LIFT week.


Our main object, aside from the other LIFT topics, is:
  • Blockchain Technology Beyond Bitcoin
  • From art to science, law, politics and innovation, what unexpected and disruptive opportunities does the blockchain technology open?
  • Stephan Tual Founder of & Ursium, CCO of Ethereum
  • Primavera De Filippi Researcher at CNRS, Faculty Associate at the Berkman Center, Harvard Law School
  • Joseph Lubin Founder at Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) and Ethereum
CellCamp DAO
For those who are not aware of what DAO means: Decentralized Autonomous Organization. That's why it's particularly interesting for la MYNE.
  • Bootcamp to introduce Blockchain & DAO. Co-powered by Cellabz, COALA,
  • Intro, Exploration, Non-Disciplinary approaches & Hands-on around Blockchain and DAOs.
  • 09 Feb 2016 : Open Hackuarium (Hackuarium / Lausanne.)
  • 13-14 Feb 2016 : DAO-Blockchain Bootcamp (Hackuarium / Lausanne.)
Local attendees
  • @Xavier Lavayssière (Friday to Saturday evening))
  • @Isabelle Radtke (2-3 days depending on the needs/availability of ticket) -> DAO from a sculptor point of view 
Local participants can be added if necessary.

Working paths

The participation to the CellCamp is part of the development of a global project called MYNE-A-LAB: +MYNEALAB Vers une maison autonome exprimentale connecte.
The MYNE-A-LAB project aim at making a typical suburb house with integrated:
  • kitchen
  • coworking space
  • lab
  • mini-fablab (workshop)
  • and all that can be provided with a typical house
  • 2 stairs (2*80 square meters)
  • 4 main rooms (2+2)